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Experience the better-together difference with your new home project.

Our team takes pride and joy in helping you feel confident and comfortable during the new construction process.

At Chris Manning Communities, we offer more than just a well-built, beautiful new home in North and South Carolina. We provide an experience marked by southern hospitality. Feel right at home every step of the way as our team personally assists you through the new construction process. We are real people who know our customers are real people, too.


We're about providing that on-site,  hands-on kind of service when it comes to your new home. We stay close to the process––offering walkthroughs and checkpoints designed to boost your confidence and enhance your clarity all throughout the construction phase.

Our team is here to build a space you'll love to call home.

 It’s not the sticks and bricks that make us who we are it’s the team behind it. It’s how we orchestrate the build of a new home that makes the difference. And we do more than just build homes, we build a sense of community, understanding and compassion with every person we build a new home for. We build confidence in the product that we produce, so much so that you can walk through any one of our communities and the new home buyers are happy to tell you who built their home.


We source local trades that know every home not only has our stamp of approval, but their own. You can see the pride each of our trades take in the construction of our projects...


In short, we build an experience like no other builder. So do we have large windows that flood a home with sunlight? Yes, we do. Do we have grand dining rooms to accommodate even the most considerable size family?  Yes, we do.

But more importantly, when someone buys a home, anyone can ask them if they love their builder and they will say, "Yes, we do."

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